~: We get by… one step at a time :~
… so long as we don’t trip head over @$$


All throougout time, humankind have invented countless machineries to make this ever-complicated world a little less complicated. And countless times, try outdoing other innovations by creating innovations that carry out two or more tasks using one machine. Like the multi-purpose scanner, camera-phones. 

Ever heard of the HammeRuler? It was said to reduce the time for you to put your hammer down, take a ruler and do your measurements. Seems sound; those little seconds that one saves for each action might actually make us more efficient.

Having little to no background on carpentry (but I have hammered nails and drilled holes using my dad’s power drill before), I’m on the fence on how this little innovation could actually save us some time. I’m sure a full-time carpenter would appreciate its merits. But what about the common consumer? Are we willing to pay extra for that few seconds of saved effort?



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